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The Bay Area, San Francisco, CA.

Sunsets in SF

Friends & Food.

'Napizza in San Francisco

Mozzarella Sticks

Cheesecake, Tiramisu & Biscotti

Margarita Flight

Dolores Park

San Diego

Palm Trees

The hills of San Francisco

Scenic Greenery

Walking by the Water

Best friends

Catching some rays



Strolls through the neighborhood

Marin Headlands in SF

Scenic Overlooks

Hotel Views

Straight out of a storybook

I visited San Francisco, California for about a week to visit my best friend and enjoy the sights. I went with my twin sister and we had a great time exploring different neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Right when we got out of the airport we drove along the highway where you could see the water and later in the day we enjoyed some rays by the pool. The next day we immediately got to see different destinations San Francisco had to offer and the hills of California. It was spectacular. We also enjoyed some great pizza one day and caught up with some friends. Overall, it was a great trip and our last couple of days we spent in the union square area of SF where there are a lot of shops and it reminds me of fifth ave in NYC. I definitely recommend a trip to San Francisco and exploring anytime of year as the weather is usually the same, calm nice and almost no humidity.

XXo, Jennrose



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