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Jennrosestyle provides extraordinary content ranging from Fashion, Pop Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Celebrity Events, Dance and Yoga. The founder, Jennifer Rose Sikic is a professional dancer and yogi with a focus on health and wellness. After graduating with a business degree from Pace University, she continually deepens her yoga practice to teach students to live a more stress-free, mindful experience on a daily basis. You can find her leading an active lifestyle throughout the day leading yoga classes in NYC. In addition, she works with entrepreneurs just like herself to propel ideas worth advancing in order to come to fruition to therefore enrich the lives of humanity and the world as a whole. 


Jennrosestyle brings you to the forefront of all the events and experiences Jen encounters throughout her life. She believes life is short, so it is to be experienced to the fullest! Let her take you on a journey through food cultures, yoga adventures, dance expeditions, and various NYC red carpet events. This journey is just the beginning and she hopes you can keep up as she tries her best to post the latest and greatest life has to offer as it comes her way!


Born in NYC, Jennifer Rose Sikic had grown fond of traveling each year to Croatia to visit her grandparents and so it grew into a love for overall adventure as she experienced new places across the globe. She is also known as The Yoga Dancer where she shares her love of dance and yoga fuzed together to create the perfect combo of a fun exercise routine. Through the controlled poses of yoga she learned after getting certified and her lifelong experience of dance since the age of 3, Jen enjoys the free flowing aspect dance has on her yoga vibe as an instructor.


There is no wrong way to turn in life when you're enjoying what you love to do. Jen believes everything happens for a reason and with one path comes many that lead to success. Join her as she also shares her projects through Marketing and working with different global brands on her adventures with Jennrosetyle.


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