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Yoga / Dance

Born in NYC, Jennifer Rose Sikic grew up dancing at the age of 3, and by the time she was in high school she began taking yoga classes. Her love for yoga grew into something she did each day along with her continued passion for dance. Jen Sikic fused both yoga and dance in her everyday practice, which is where YODA fitness began. She spreads the knowledge of health and wellness as well as tips and tricks to simplify a healthy lifestyle. Since her switch from swapping bad food for whole foods, she wanted to shed the light and encourage a positive perspective on how getting your health on track and stay on track is not as hard as you thought. The health hacks she shares are well worth subscribing because they may be the key to change your life from feeling tired and wanting to lose weight to energized and feeling and looking your best for good! Jen brings the fusion of yoga and dance to life through the controlled poses of yoga and the free flowing movements of dance.

TheYogaDancer Channel on YouTube offers fun fitness freestyle to the world and offers content on how to move freely as long as you're having fun, moving to the beat of the music, there is no wrong way to turn.

Kicking it in the studio

Bridge pose

Yoga studio all to myself before teaching class


Exercising with weights


Forward Splits

Lean back

Wheel Pose


Child's pose

Enjoying some yoga even in Croatia, on my balcony

Yoga in Croatia



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