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Paris, France

Paris, France posing in front of the Eiffel Tower

All bagged up at the airport

Views of NYC traveling to Paris

Beautiful skyline outside the window of the plane

Views over Iceland

Snow in Iceland

Landed in Paris and the first stop: Eiffel Tower at night

Pastries in Paris

Cobblestone streets in Paris

Visiting the Louvre Museum

Pyramids at the Louvre

One of the best pizza spots: Pier 33 Brooklyn

Masked up at the museum

Amusement park in Paris

Dior during the holidays

My twin sister Christina at Dock 3 pizzeria

Having some fun with Sloth at the airport

Seated at a Brooklyn pizza spot in Paris, one of the best pizzas I've had

Waiting for our flight in Iceland

Architecture in Paris

The Moulin Rouge, amazing show

Sister, sister

Le Grand Colbert Restaurant



Cheese Dessert

Back at the Louvre

The Louvre Museum

The Brooklyn Pizzeria in Paris

Merry Christmas from Paris

Chanel Store

The Ritz Carlton in Paris, visiting Bar Hemingway

En Route to the Moulin Rouge Show

Cheers at the Ritz Bar

Champagne & a Show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris

Pastry Shopping in Pari

Looking a little dazed after landing in Paris midday

The best croissants in town

Eiffel Tower right from the car window

Underneath the Eiffel Tower the first night in Paris

Souvenir shopping


Time for dinner post Eiffel Tower visit

Checking out the sights near our hotel

Le Petrin De Pigalle pastry shop, so good

Michael Jackson mural in Paris

Cafe hopping

Macaroon fun

Twins at the Louvre

Visiting the Chanel Store in Paris

Sisters shopping

The Original Chanel Store

Faure le Page Paris Since 1717

Bag shopping