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Pace University, NYC

Loved living in Brooklyn Heights, the first year at Pace University

Pace U bus

Nicki Minaj meet and greet day

Brooklyn bridge park

Making copies before class at the library

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Dorming the first year of college at Pace University

Coney Island summer day visit

Making wishes at Rockefeller Center

Belgium waffle with ice cream, Nutella and strawberries at the Pace U ceremony

Walking the Brooklyn bridge with my friend Antonio

Love my neighborhood

Little Eataly in Flatiron

Rooftop drink mimosas on the weekend

The MET rooftop

Pace University formal

The National Society of Leadership and Success Award

Lamda Sigma national honor society ceremony

Twins, Christina and Jennifer Sikic at Pace University

Spring in full bloom, cherry blossoms

Pace University, NYC

The Brooklyn bridge at night

Ariana Grande, Z100 private show

Adam Levine, Macy's perfume launch

Classes back in session

Fashion Quote

Starbucks line at school

Lunch date with Nick Jonas

Bradley Cooper interview at school

Celebrating the New Year

Central Park in the snow

Empire State Building, New Year's Eve

Jennifer Rose Sikic, Christmas in NYC

Living the dome life with my sister at Pace University, NYC

Celebrating Christmas at Pace

Central Park and Rockefeller Center; where I spend my time in between classes

The Brooklyn bridge

Nicki Minaj perfume launch

Nicki Minaj backstage passes for the Macy's perfume launch

Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, Love Lane

Grimaldi's pizza, Brooklyn

Ice cream shop, Brooklyn heights creamery

Walking the Brooklyn bridge after night classes with my twin sister

Halloween during the intersession

Avril Lavigne Nylon Secret show party & performance

Heading to classes with my twin sister

Saying goodbye to my friend on his way home fro Pace for the weekend

Meet up with friends at Pace U

View outside my building

Lambda Sigma bake sale

Lamda Sigma Honor Society Baker Sale

My view each morning

Halloween at Pace University

Ladybug and Katy Perry

Halloween NYC parade

Ladybug for Halloween

Brooklyn bridge

BK bridge promenade

Borough Hall

French Festival in Bryant Park

Vegetable Garden Salad

View from the Brooklyn bridge promenade

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Strawberry Cheesecake

Borough Hall at Christmas time in Brooklyn

Pace U during the holidays

Twins, Christina and Jennifer Sikic



Painting with my friends

Pace University formal in Tribeca, NYC

Sushi galore

Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees

With my older sister, Lisa

Jennifer Rose Sikic at Yankee Stadium

Straight A's all semester

Dean's List first honors

Graduating Pace University with my twin sister Christina

Graduation Day at Pace University!



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