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Squaw Valley Ski Resort: Olympic Valley, California

It was still snowing in NYC the day before I left to go to Jackson, Wyoming but the atmosphere and snow were a lot more appealing in the mountain setting than in the urban realm of New York. The first stop after getting off the flight was the ski resort where you could reach heights overlooking everything below once you took the gondola ride up. The views were breathtaking and everything shined white.

The next day was followed with a road trip to Sierra Nevada. It was a split between small town feel surrounded the water down below and above the mountains peaked high with snow still immersed upon the peaks still late in April. The Sierra Nevada is a chain of mountain ranges and a continuous sequence of mountains situated right in the Western U.S between the Central Valley of California and the Great Basin. After staying here for a day, the next day was off to a great start with exploring the beach area of Sierra Nevada where it is completely filled with people in the summer time but now it was empty due to people taking advantage of the mountain ski resort areas in the opposite direction. After breakfast, the next destination followed with a drive to Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California; one of the largest ski locations in the United States and where the 1960 Olympics were held. The views were beautiful on the way up to the top of the mountains and below I shared the pictures I had taken.

After exploring the ski destinations, it was fun to switch it up and head to the warmer climates of San Francisco. The bay area was filled with plenty of people running outside by the piers and I even attended a yoga class nearby. The rain in the morning stopped by the afternoon so after stopping at an amazing Mexican place for lunch we went to explore the Stanford University campus. It’s really something you have to see for yourself because it’s unlike any other from the vast amounts of study halls and buildings to the huge shopping center right on campus including stores ranging from Apple to Nordstrom and Tesla..there’s nothing the campus doesn't have! It was fun to check out the Amazon bookstore, as well..if you haven’t be sure to do so because if you like reading or getting into a good book recommendation Amazon takes out the busy work for you and levels the books to your liking right on their shelves in store. The fun filled week went by in a flash and I was back on the flight from San Francisco to NYC. What’s your favorite place in California to visit and if you have any book recommendations I’'d love to hear from you! Hope you enjoy :)





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