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Twins, Christina and Jennifer Sikic

Little Blue Dress

Ladybug, Halloween outfit

Little red dress


Little pink dress

Classic peacoat for the fall

Little black dress in Croatia

Crop tops and mini skirts

Polka dot blue bikini on the Adriatic Coast

Shorts and flip flops in Europe

Afternoons on my balcony in Croatia

Parisian look with beanies and knee highs

Classic white and pink bikini in Croatia

Floral dress visiting castles in Trsat

Audrey Hepburn mural in Soho, NYC. Jeans and a blouse ootd.

Revisiting the white/pink bikini in Puerto Rico

Denim jacket

Floral shorts

Tie dye jeans

Blue tie dye denim

leopard shorts

Blue jeans

Black leggings

Floral top

Tie dye shorts


Black skirt

Floral dress

Black denim

Black lace

Red top

White lace


Blue lace

Black & gold

Black peacoat and blue denim


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